Our forests are in a state of emergency and the state of old growth forests directly affects our microclimate, biodiversity and so much more

Addressing the forest emergency is critical to our future





Source: Sjensen

For a healthy planet we need to address the high rate of deforestation in British Columbia and around the world






We are committed to educating about the forest emergency and the urgent need for conservation and protection of the last remaining old growth forests that protect us, providing us with oxygen, cooling local climates and supporting biodiversity. We stand for Indigenous rights and rights of nature to exist.


Raising awareness about how critical old growth forests are in protecting us from the worst of climate and weather extremes and protecting endangered species. Protecting the last remaining old growth and supporting Indigenous guardianship of forests.











Without old growth forests there will be little left to protect us from flooding and droughts and to keep microclimates cool


Background image by Andrew Coelho on Unsplash